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Q: What pain does it help with?

A: The WonderspinePro™ mainly helps with back, hip, neck, shoulder and even head pain. It can alleviate pain caused by Sciatica, Herniated Discs, Bulging Discs, Spinal Stenosis, Scoliosis, Pinched Nerves and more! It stretches your back and naturally decompresses your spine which relaxes your muscles and restores your natural curve.

Q: How do I use it?

A: In order to achieve the best results, place the WonderspinePro™ on a hard and non-slip surface (an exercise mat, a carpet, towel, blanket, etc.) and then lay on the back stretcher using your desired level. However when you finish a session, slide onto your side and off the WonderspinePro. Sit up gradually and rest for 30 - 45 seconds before standing. (do not roll up on it, just roll onto your side) you should allow your blood to move back down from your head to your heart to avoid dizziness.

 Q: What's the difference between the WonderspinePro 2020 and other back stretchers?

A: The new version of WonderspinePro™ 2020 includes these four key improvements that other spine stretchers don’t.

  • Magnetic Points (Magnetic Therapy) to provide a new feature to our 2020 device. This is an add-on that other back stretchers don’t have.  Magnetic therapy combined with the stretcher device will provide you better results than using other devices without magnetic points.
  • 98 Acupressure points (other back stretchers have 88 acupressure points only) The benefits of a massage and acupuncture all-in-one.
  • 3 Adjustable levels to better fit your back and spine in order to get the best results.
  • Cushion Foam to provide the best comfort for your back while using WonderspinePro™.

Q: What is the Healthy Spine eBook?

A: This is an in-house made ebook written by our experts in physiotherapy and the inventors of WonderspinePro™ 2020. Our detailed ebook includes instructions regarding the best uses of our WonderspinePro™ and how the spine works, the background of the invention, & details on how you can best make use of the Wonderspine®Pro (including pictures). 

Q: What level should I start with?

A: We highly recommend to start with Level 1. You can always go up from there depending on your needs and improvements. If you are a beginner the level 1 is the best option for your start with. If this isn't enough, for a more intense stretch, you may lay your legs flat on the ground and bring your arms behind your head, or you can increase the stretch by going up to Levels 2 or 3. Be sure to focus on your breathing and allow your back muscles to relax no matter which level you're on you will see amazing results and improvements.

Q: What are the three levels of curvature?

A: The WonderspinePro™ has three levels of curvature that can be adjusted to accommodate your specific needs and allow for progression. If you are a beginner it's recommended to start with level 1.

Q: How do I position the WonderspinePro?

A: In order to achieve the best results you should lay on it on the ground, with the wider part closer to the bottom of the spine, towards the coccyx. Make sure to align correctly your spine before laying down so you can make the best progress and correct use of your WonderspinePro™.

Q: How do I bend my WonderspinePro?

A: The rigidness of the WonderspinePro™ proves its great quality. One way you can slot it on to level 1, 2, or 3 is by placing it on the floor, with the wider part towards you, in front of your knees and pushing the upper part into the slot you deserve.

Q: Does it hurt while stretching my back?

A: Not really. The 94 acupuncture pins and grooves are ergonomically designed to be placed on the muscles knots. WonderspinePro uses gravity and your own body weight to create the right pressure. Simple to use and nothing fancy. No electricity required, no motors. If you feel the tension or pain using it, it proves that your back has been holding that much pressure over the years. Use WonderspinePro regularly on a chair while sitting or on the ground, for the best effects. It will help your back release stress & tension.

Q: Can I take a nap or sleep on the WonderspinePro?

A: Yes, but we do not recommend it. It’s because constant pressure that’s applied for more than 15 minutes on the same spot is never good. It will affect the muscles too significantly in a short period of time. Moderation and persistency is the key to obtaining the best results.

Q: If I have a herniated disc on my back spines, can I use WonderspinePro?

A: WonderspinePro is designed to relieve back pain and stretch your spine, not to treat problems or ailments in the back spines or discs. Treating a symptom is an art. It’s like learning how to ride a bicycle. You need to practice to obtain the best results. Do not force your body to change in a short time. We recommend starting with level 1 and then take your time. Be patient, trust your body and will achieve the best results. Do not rush, you’ll get there! 

Q: Can you use WonderspinePro while sitting on a chair or a couch?

A: Yes, sure. WonderspinePro can be used on any chair or couch with back support, even while driving. You can also use it while working sitting in front of the computer to correct your posture. It will give you a very relaxing time by releasing tensions on your back.

Q: Can WonderspinePro help with UPPER BACK PAIN?

A: Yes, your WonderspinePro can be used for any part of the back - it gives you a great feeling and alleviates back pain. Since the lumbar area is the foundation of the spine, sustaining the upper as well as the lower body together, it can absolutely help release upper back pain, helping with poor posture and scoliosis. 

However, if you are looking for something to relieve cervical pain, check out our brand new WonderneckPro™ right here!

Q: Is there a weight limit?

A: It can support up to 200kg or 450lbs. If it breaks DON´T WORRY we got your covered and we'll send you a new one, for FREE!

Q: How long until It helps?

A: Usually you will feel immediate results after 3- 7 days. Most customers report feeling significant improvements after only 3-7 days of proper daily use. You should use it for 5-15 minutes a session, with two sessions a day.


Q: Is it safe to order online during the pandemic?

A: According to the World Health Organization, it is safe to receive packages from locations with reported COVID-19 cases. 

Q: Will I receive my order on time?

A: Yes, 98.7% of our orders arrive on time and most of our customers continue to receive their orders on time. If you experience delays, please email us and we will investigate and your issue. Moreover, your Free Express Shipping at checkout enables 100% orders protection. Express Shipping provides protection for shipments that are lost, broken, or stolen.


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