WonderSpine®Pro Orthopedic Back & Sciatica Nerve Stretcher

WonderSpine®Pro Orthopedic Back & Sciatica Nerve Stretcher

WonderSpine®Pro Orthopedic Back & Sciatica Nerve Stretcher

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Combat dreadful Back Pain and Poor Posture with just 10 minutes a day!  

Daily activities, sitting all day, extended computer usage, or physical activities can lead to spine and posture imbalances. Say goodbye to sciatica, back pain and poor posture, and discover the ultimate back pain relief tool, with WonderSpine®Pro.

How does it work? 

When laying down on the back stretcher, gravity allows the front of your body to effortlessly stretch out and upwards, and the surrounding muscles start to relax, gently decompressing the discs in your vertebrae, realigning the spine, relieving tension and pain. You'll be amazed by how good you feel after just one use!
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¨I found this device as a must have in the arsenal of tools against back pain. The single best return on investment in the back pain war. It has relieved my back pain, sciatica and improved my posture. This is truly a life changing tool!¨ Kathy. H

What results can I expect?

Instant Results: After a single session you will notice incredible improvements and relief of your back pain for the entire day.

Long Term Fix: On average, our customers have manifested significant improvements after 3 to 5 days of constant and proper use, and absolute relief after 2 weeks of use.

Relaxation and Relief

Professionally tested, the Wonderspine®Pro is able to help relieve tension, treating pain from muscle spasms, pinched nerves, herniated discs, sciatica, degeneration, tight knots, excessive flexion and more! Simple to use, portable for easy travel.

WonderspinePro™ includes these 5 key improvements that other back stretchers Don’t.

✔ EFFECTIVE ACUPRESSURE MASSAGE - 98 ACUPRESSURE POINTS (other back stretchers have only 88 acupressure points) Its 98 ergonomic pins that brings acupuncture effect by deeply pressing the specific acupoints . These 98 acupoints help activate the natural healing response and improve the blood circulation to give you complete back pain relief, relieving stress and improving sleep. 



EFFECTIVE MAGNETIC THERAPY - 10 MAGNETIC POINTS Magnetic therapy combined with the stretcher device will provide you better results than using other devices without magnetic points. The Magnets produce electromagnetic fields that are able to penetrate the body. It´s magnetic therapy alters nervous system functioning, boosting blood flow to tissue and relieving back pain.

ADJUSTABLE STRETCH LEVEL Wonderspine®Pro has 3 slots for height adjustment, designed for people of all ages. The higher the back stretcher lifts, the stronger stretch you will get.



✔ STURDY MATERIAL Can withstand weight up to 200kg/450lbs and won't get out of shape even if folded. If it breaks, we'll send you a new one, for FREE!


✔ ERGONOMIC DESIGN Basing on ergonomics concept, the contour of the lumbar traction device is in standard body curve to provide better spinal alignment and efficient acupressure massage. The foam pad in the center of this lumbar back stretcher gives cushioning to ensure your spinal feel comfortable. 

¨A healthy lifestyle requires a healthy spine¨

The modern lifestyle is one of the biggest factors that lead you to experience horrible back pain, waist pain, lumbar discomfort, and many other serious issues!

So, if you are spending your days sitting or simply maintaining a poor position while working and using your phone and other electronic devices, expect to develop backache issues soon.

You might think that you are safe now, but studies and research show that even if you don’t suffer from these issues now, you will probably develop them as you age!


Save time and money from the comfort of your home

We also know that paying a chiropractor is expensive, this is why WonderspinePro™ was designed to be your personal back pain reliever device that will help you heal chronic back pain, muscle stiffness, sciatic pain and even develop a better posture, all from the comfort of your home.

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 The lumbar alignment stretcher can be used whenever you are lying or sitting. The back alignment device can be placed on a chair to help correct your sitting posture, or car seat to serve as a lumbar support for car trips, helping to reduce fatigue during long trips.


100% Certified & Dr. Recommended

With Wonderspine®Pro you´ll get a FDA and CE  approved device recommended by doctors. You only need just 10 minutes a day for immediate results. Wonderspine®Pro is the ONLY AUTHENTIC device 100% certified and recommended for an effective and simplistic way to stretch your back and reduce back pain. 

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